Pedigree Dog Dates

Pedigree Dog Dates

For an older person who lives alone, meeting people can be difficult. In fact, thousands of older people go for months without talking to anyone. So Pedigree® wanted to give them a lifeline...or rather a lead

Pedigree Dog Dates

Pedigree Dog Dates is a way for older people to make new friends because after all, a dog is a conversation waiting to happen. The first Pedigree Dog Date took place in April. We carefully matched older people with local dogs in the community.

Pedigree Dog Dates

And by taking a local dog for a walk, the older people got all the benefits of owning a dog without the responsibilities.

feed the good

Why we have developed
Pedigree Dog Dates

Research at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition shows that pets can help older people remain active in later years. But as well as the physical benefits, a pet can help older people remain socially active too. Dogs have even been found to serve as better motivators to get out and about than other humans. For older people who live alone, it’s a great way to feel more integrated and less isolated.

What is Pedigree Dog Dates?

Pedigree Dog Dates matches older people with local dogs to help combat loneliness. See more about our launch here.

Jenny's Story

Jenny is just one of over a million older people who are chronically lonely. Find out more about her Pedigree Dog Dates story here.

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