PEDIGREE® Tins Mixed Selection With Meat and Liver in Gravy

With Liver to support NATURAL DEFENCES:

At Pedigree® we’re passionate about great nutrition to keep your dog happy and healthy. This recipe has been specifically formulated with Liver and contains additional vitamins E and C to support natural defences. All our canned food supports your dog in his daily needs: healthy bones, healthy digestion, healthy skin and shiny coat, healthy immune system.

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Daily feeding instructions:
Body Weight (kg): 5, Number of cans/day: 1
Body Weight (kg): 10, Number of cans/day: 1 2/3
Body Weight (kg): 20, Number of cans/day: 2 3/4
Body Weight (kg): 30, Number of cans/day: 3 3/4

You might need to adjust the amount of food according to the level of activity, breed and age of your dog.
Allow for a transition phase when switching diet.
For more information on feeding your dog, please contact our Consumer Careline.
Fresh water should always be available.

Pedigree® Feeling Happy Pedigree® Feeling Happy