PEDIGREE® Schmackos Mega Box

Delicious Tender Strips - PEDIGREE® SCHMACKOS™ treats for dogs are soft, succulent treats, full of delicious flavours that dogs adore.
110 tasty dog treat strips in beef & Lamb flavours

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Small dogs (5-9 kg), feed up to 1 stick per day. 
Medium dogs (10-24 kg), feed up to 2 sticks per day. 
Large dogs (25 kg+), feed up to 4 sticks per day. 
Please reduce main meal accordingly. Use each sachet within 14 days of opening. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


1. Select your dog's size

2. Select your dog's weight

3. Feeding guidelines

Daily Calorie Requirement :

Dry Food

Dry Food and Wet Food


**A pouch is 85g We recommend a mix of complete Pedigree™ dry and a wet food.


Protein:  28.0
Fat content:  12.0
Inorganic matter:  8.0
Crude fibre:  3.0
Moisture:  19.0
Calcium:  1.0
Omega 6 fatty acids:  12028 mg/kg
Energy:  321 kcal/100 g


Vitamin A:  2288 IU
Vitamin E:  22.9 mg
Iron (Iron(II) sulphate monohydrate):  13.7 mg
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