PEDIGREE® Wrap Chicken 50g

Share enjoyable moments with your dog with PEDIGREE®. WRAP, the delicious taste of real chicken and a munchy stick that dogs like. PEDIGREE® WRAP is a munchy stick made with chopped rawhide wrapped in delicious chicken

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Small dogs e.g. a Dachshund, feed up to half a stick per day. 
Medium dogs, e.g. a Cocker Spaniel, feed up to 1 stick per day. 
Large dogs, e.g. a Labrador, feed up to 3 sticks per day. 
Please reduce main meal accordingly. Not suitable for dogs under 18 months. Use within 7 days of opening. Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef Hide and 40% Chicken)
Derivatives of Vegetable Origin
Various Sugars
Oils and Fats


1. Select your dog's size

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3. Feeding guidelines

Daily Calorie Requirement :

Dry Food

Dry Food and Wet Food


**A pouch is 85g We recommend a mix of complete Pedigree™ dry and a wet food.


Protein:  80.0
Fat content:  4.0
Inorganic matter:  5.0
Crude fibres:  1.0
Moisture:  14.0
Energy:  348 kcal/100 g
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